50 pieces orange biodegradable Shipping Bags – 110 micron


These durable 50 pieces of brightly colored shipping packaging are a joy to send and to get. Measuring 25 x 30 cm, it is roomy for smaller items and clothing, and the bag has an additional 5 cm closure strip. Plastic shipping bags are also a good choice for shipping products that can take a beating. The bags are ready to use, just wrap the products in them and tape the bag closed with the integrated adhesive strip.

The shipping bags have a bright color and matte appearance. This way, your package will arrive to your customers looking neat, stylish and professional. The bags are odorless (some cheap varieties smell like gasoline).

The shipping bags are made of high quality PE material and are 100% biodegradable. The shipping bags are made of high quality PE material and are 100% biodegradable. These are manufactured in accordance with Zero-Waist regulations. The package is made of 110 microns, is very sturdy and can only be opened by tearing or cutting. The fact that it does not take up water is not a luxury considering how much time your package spends outside to get from point A to B.

Your customers will easily recognize your pack and with the caption ” Hello, this pack is for you!” makes your customers feel special. In addition you will be less likely to get goods returned thanks to the nice packaging.

Available in multiple colors by dimensions


  • 25 x 30 cm
  • 30 x 35 cm
  • 35 x 42 cm

For orders over 3,000 pieces, please contact us. From these quantities, we can create a logo or print for your company.


Thickness 110 micron
FirmnessExtremely sturdy
Water resistanceWater resistant
AppearanceStylish and professional
Closing mechanismHandy strip closure

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