Green 4u environmentally friendly Kitchen roll – 6 rolls


1,60 Excl. btw
(1,94 Incl. btw)
Unit price: 2,26 / Piece

Eco-friendly kitchen roll | 80 sheets per roll – 6 rolls

Realize what’s good for our world with eco-friendly kitchen roll produced through recycling! Only first-class recycled paper such as notebooks, books and magazines are used for these kitchen rolls. Usable paper is taken to the hygienic recycling process at the plant. Thanks to advanced recycling technology, high-quality, 2-ply, environmentally friendly hygienic kitchen rolls are produced. Green 4U products are approved by the FSC, an independent, non-profit, International non-governmental organization working to preserve responsible use of forest resources. FSC-certified recyfiber ® – cleaning paper is obtained only from recycled sources.

These super soft sheets of kitchen paper from Green4U are caring and pleasant to the touch, even for sensitive skin. In fact, each sheet weighs 21 grams, making it super absorbent. Because each sheet consists of 2 layers, you need fewer sheets and therefore you can use 1 roll even longer. And THAT is Sustainable.

Number of layers2 layers
Number of sheets80 sheets per roll
Quantity of rolls24 rolls in a pack
CertificationFSC label
MaterialMade from recycled 1st grade quality paper
SustainabilityExtra sustainable
Packaging100% recyclable packaging
SoftnessSuperior softness
Sizes125 x 225 mm (single sheet)
Eco-friendliness100% Nature Friendly
Recycling100% recycling

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